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Official homepage of kcmdhcpd
2003-04-17 Willy De la Court  (0.3.8)

   * Going Beta
   * Bugfix in confparser global options where not added to the data structure
   * Cleanup of some unused vars
   * Notify the parser structure when the user changes some data
   * Only save the conf file when something has actually changed

2003-04-15 Willy De la Court  (0.3.7)

   * Lots of changes to get it to compile with gcc 3.2.2
   * Include yacc en flex generated source files solves a lot of problems

2003-04-14 Willy De la Court  (0.3.6)

   * Force yacc & flex in Makefile
   * Fixed Version string
   * Removed old files

2003-04-12 Willy De la Court  (0.3.5)

   * Make sure docs can be build on pre CVS version
   * Included spec file for rpm creation

2003-04-11 Willy De la Court  (0.3.4)

   * Conditional compilation to disable feature that are only available in KDE-CVS
   * modification to parsers to accept empty files.

2003-04-08 Willy De la Court  (0.3.3)

   * bugfix and styleguide changes

2003-03-28 Willy De la Court  (0.3.2)

   * Some UI modifications
   * Added ability to see Log output from the commands that are executed
   * Added Syntax Error dialog with higlighted lines
   * Leases file parser

2003-03-24 Willy De la Court  (0.3.1)

   * all changes to netaccess and fish made into CVS
   * final touches to the UI
   * possibility to Start/Stop/Restart/Reload DHCPD servers
   * local and remote support
   * removed some debugging code

2003-03-10 Willy De la Court 

   * New HomePage

2003-02-24 Willy De la Court  (0.3.0)

   * Rewrite of parser in yacc/lex
   * Started a new GUI look
   * Remote administration using KIO::NetAccess

2000-03-28 Karl Backstr� 

   * Ported from KTabListBox to QListView.

2000-01-04 Karl Backstr� 

   * Moving kcmdhcpd to the new KCModule system.

1999-07-31 Karl Backstr� 
   * Making kcmdhcpd almost compile with Qt-2.0 and Kde-2.0

1999-05-28 Karl Backstr� 

   * Made Kcmdhcpd compile with Qt 2 Kde 2
   * Included support for broadcast.
   * Included support for Group/Host

1999-02-07 Karl Backstr�  (0.2.0)

   * A new advanced options dialog.
   * Included support for a lot of new servers.
   * Multiple servers does now work.

1999-02-04 Karl Backstr� 
   * Added wins server support and some bugfixes.

1999-01-22 Karl Backstr�  (0.1.1)

   * Initial release.
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